Rifugio Nino Pernici

  • 48.1 km


  • 57 m

    Min height

  • 1612 m

    Max height

  • 1555 m

    Δ height

  • Road

  • Equip

  • Skill

  • Effort

Track Description

Ked sme sa rano zobudili, este odchadzali posledne oblaky s nocnej vydatnej burky. cca o 10:00 sme vyrazili s kempu smerom do Riva del Garda a dalej na Lago di ledro. Po Lago di ledro bola trasa uplne rovnaka ako Tremalzo. Dalej sme obisli jazero, a v najblizsej dedine sa vydali stupat smerom hore po serpentinach z asfaltu. bolo to stupanie tak na prevode 1:3. Vyskove metre sa tu naberali velmi rychlo. za nejaku hodinu a pol stupania sme dorazili na chatu Rifugio Nino Pernici. Tu sme stretli dvoch cechou, ktory sa nam snazili nabalamutit ze nasa naplanovana trasa je na biku nezjazdna. Tvrdeli ze je to tam take prudke ze by sme museli ist pesi, co ja v zjazde robim velmi nerad. Nakoniec sme sa tvrdohlavo ale vydali aj tak touto trasou. Ked sme uz odchadzali, tak sa pri chate este stihol prevratit traktor z drevom, a zacal horet... chatar tam ale bol asi za dve sekundy z hasiacim pristrojom, takze vsetko dopadlo OK. Vydali smesa teda tymto zjazdom. zozaciatku to bolo uplne v pohode, neskor to zacalo byt uz fakt na hranici. ale dalo sa to zist. Sestra tam ale uz tlacila, lebo sa toho bala. o 300 vyskovych nizsie sme sa vynorili na krasnej sotolinke, ktorou sme sa potom viezli az do Rivy.


When we woke up this morning, still leaving the last clouds at night hearty burqa. about 10:00 we left the camp towards Riva del Garda and further to the Lago di Ledro. After Lago di Ledro path was exactly like Tremalzo. Furthermore, we bypassed the lake, and the village is the earliest grades went up the serpentines of asphalt. it was the transfer of a gradient 1: 3rd Vertical meters there grabbing very quickly. After some hour and a half climb we arrived at Rifugio Nino Pernici. Here we met two guilds, which we tried nabalamutit that our planned route is impassable biking. Tvrdeli it's there take the steep we had to walk what I am doing in Congress very reluctantly. Finally, we stubbornly but went anyway this route. When we are leaving, so the cottage still managed overturned tractor from wood, and caught fire ... chatar but there was about two seconds of fire extinguishers, so everything turned out OK. By doing this, therefore, issued a ridiculous exit. only allowed, it was totally fine, later it began to be a fact already at the border. but could be valuable. Sister there but already pushed because it is bala. about 300 vertical below we emerged on beautiful sotolinke, which we then drove up to Riva.





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