20090419 Mtb Devínska kobyla 50

  • 21.1 km


  • 197 m

    Min height

  • 364 m

    Max height

  • 167 m

    Δ height

  • Road

  • Equip

  • Skill

  • Effort

Track Description

19.4.2009 Dnes som len jemne rozhýbal nohy, nech nestuhnem. Ak všetko výjde, ako plánujem, bude ešte kilometrov viac než dost casom. Som nejako príliš rýchlo letel, lebo GPS-ko stratilo signál a nevedelo ho znovu nájst. Som musel na chvílu zastat. No a toho ludstva v lese, hrozné. Ale naštastie skoro vôbec nebrzdili (až na 2 razy, 3. raz ma zbrzdilo auto na Veternicovej).


19.4.2009 Today I just gently agitated feet, let it solidifies. If everything comes out as I plan, will be even more kilometers than enough over time. I somehow flew too fast, because the GPS signal is lost-ko and could not find it again. I had to stand up for a while. Well, that mankind in the woods, terrible. But fortunately hardly hamper (up to 2 times, the third time I slowed down the car to Veternicová).





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