Bezvodno - Kirdjali

  • 44.6 km


  • 245 m

    Min height

  • 842 m

    Max height

  • 596 m

    Δ height

  • Road

  • Equip

  • Skill

  • Effort

Track Description

Leg of the "Rudopia" trail. 100% on asphalt. From Bezvodno the track goes down to the valley of Borovitza River and follows and old asphalt road all the way to Kirdjali Dam. The stony rived bed and intersting rock formations are dramtically different from the landscape of the western Rhodopes. The green and lush colours are replaced by red and yellow. Nice stone houses and an old bridge across Borovitza are quite interesting. From the beggining of the lake (near Borvitza Hut) one can walk up to visit the so called "Wamb Cave" - remaining from the thracians cult related with the Earth. A few ups and downs from Borovitza Hut are leading to Dajdovnitsa Village where an impressive rocks are presented on the left handside of the road. From Dajdovnitsa to Kirdjali is only downhill.




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